Bright Eyed.


I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a voucher to spend at Perfume Click -  when I saw the range of products they had, I couldn't refuse!

They are a site that sells a bunch of makeup, skincare and perfume at affordable prices... from well-loved brands like Clinique, Benefit and Clarins. Their Clarins range is especially good, with a huge amount of makeup, skincare and fragrance alike.

However, I needed a new mascara, so I decided to opt for Clinique Lash Power mascara*  I haven't heard much about it, but Kayla's review alone pretty much swayed me! THIS MASCARA IS INSANE. I've been using it daily as it's perfect for full, fluttery, feathered lashes. The brush is really skinny, meaning it's easy to apply to bottom lashes too if that's your jam. The result is curled, crazy long lashes, much better than the style I'm used to from Benefit They're Real. It's a welcome change, although it's a nightmare to remove! I think it might actually be a tubing mascara, meaning you use warm water to take it off, but I'll have to research that. You'll be able to see it in action in my January favourites tomorrow!

I also chose a cream eyeshadow in the form of Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadow* in Sippin n Dippin. The colour is absolutely beautiful - a duo chrome peachy rose/warm gold that seems quite similar to Mac Rubenesque. In fact, at under £7, I'm sure it would be a pretty decent dupe!  The formula is really unusual, actually more akin to a cream blush than any eyeshadow that I have used, but that means it's really lightweight. Luckily it has much better pigmentation and staying power than any cream blushes I've tried, too! I think it will look much better on me when I'm tanned, as that sould bring out the gold a bit more.

I was actually very impressed with the service I recieved.  I ordered these on Tuesday and within an hour or two got an email confirming that my products had been dispatched. The next day, they arrived at my doorstep! How often does that happen when you're promised 1-3 working days? Postage is £1.95, but for every additional item you order (after the first) you get £1 off, so if you're ordering 3 or more things the postage costs are covered. I promise I'm not just saying this - I'll honestly be ordering from Perfume Click again! Visit them here... le website

*I was gifted a voucher to pay for these items but, as always, all words are my own. I wasn't sponsored to write this post, I just wanted to show Perfume Click a little appreciation for their kindness and great service!



Ahh, Homeslice. Located in Neal's Yard, near Covent Garden, it's easily the No1 blogger favourite pizzeria in London, and for good reason. Just look. at. it.

I've been there a couple of times now, and it really is as good as everyone says! I'd reccomend going at lunch rather than the evenings as it tends to get busy later on - although they take down your phone number and call you when a table's free so there's no real problem... You can just browse the shops in Covent Garden while you wait! It's pretty cramped inside and the pizzas are almost as big as the tables, the music can get really loud and (occasionally) service is slow... But it's all about the pizza. And the pizza is good.

You can buy gigantic 20" (51cm) pizzas for £20 or one slice for £4 - yes, 20" is like four 10" pizzas, but trust me you will want half of one! I personally  do prefer to share one between two as they are flippin gigantic (you can get half n half toppings if you want). Shown above is one half margherita, the other half topped with wild mushrooms, ricotta, pumpkin seeds and chilli flakes. Nom.

The actual food is perfect. Thin and crispy base + just enough tomato, + melting cheese = delicious, and for those of you who don't really like tomato sauce, they do garlic oil or cream instead. I can't vocalise the tastiness, it's just so... rhusdjgialvshuiolghourwfovu. Ya get me? The sea salt flakes on the edges of the crusts are all kinds a wonderful, too.

 You can find their address and other deets on their website. Anyway, if you're in London, and you're looking for pizza, it's probably your best bet! Although I haven't yet tried Pizza Pilgrims...

Face Of The Day #5.


I haven't done one of these in quite a while. The makeup I've been wearing recently has been very low effort/minimal impact, but who has time in January for anything? Not me, that's for sure.

I've been starting off with ye olde faithful, Nars' Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska. It's probably a tad dark right now but I've been applying the thinnest of layers for a sheer, dewy finish. Underneath, for a bit of oomph in the lasting power department, I whack on the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free primer. What I love about this is that it giving your base something to cling to without sucking all the moisture out of your skin, AND it feels light and weightless. Using a primer rather than a powder means I get to keep that radiant finish, too! 

On the cheeks I like to apply a healthy amount of Revlon's Photo Ready blush in Pinched for a little colour. I then finished off with some extra shimmer using the Topshop Glow in Gleam, a pretty rose gold.

On the eyes (shock horror!) I've been actually skipping my usual liner in favour of the simplest look ever. I just take the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On And On Bronze and smush it all over my lids with my fingers before blending it out at the crease and smudging some along the lower lash line. I then just apply a coat of Smashbox's Full Exposure mascara.

Last but not least - lips. I can't get enough of the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Descanso at the moment. I desperately wish it wasn't limited edition! It's such a gorgeous pinky nudey MLBB-type colour that is just perfect. I love it. 

Have you tried any of these products? What kind of makeup look have you been going for recently?

All The Essies


I was inspired by Kate's Pinterest-worthy Essie collection post a couple of months ago to do my own - although I don't quite own as many her, I still probably have too many. What can I say, they're a weakness of mine, and I hardly ever wear other nail polish. Here's a rundown!

Row 1: Lilacism, Bikini So Teeny, Parka Perfect (mini), Maximillian Strasse-her, First Base (mini base coat), Fear Or Desire, Apricot (cuticle oil), Fifth Avenue, Bermuda Shorts

Row 2: Exotic Liras, Cute As A Button, Off The Shoulder, Primavera, Pansy, Fiji, Fiji (yes I have two), Limo-scene, Mademoiselle

Row 3: Shearling Darling (mini), Toggle To The Top (mini), Sole Mate, Wicked, Licorice, Midnight Cami, Chinchilly, Sand Tropez, Set In Stones, Good To Go (mini top coat)

If you're slightly unwilling to fork out £8 for a bottle of finger paint, I'd really reccomend their mini sets - I have two above, and they contain 3 colours for £13 which is a better deal if you don't think you could finish a whole one. Who knows, you may even go back for more ;)

It's hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to I'd probably go for Wicked - nothing beats deep, glossy, vampy nails. Honourable mentions go to Fiji, Mint Candy Apple and Fifth Avenue!

Have you tried anything from Essie?

Ella xo

Five From Soap & Glory


Ohh, Soap & Glory. They had me from the word go. For some reason this brand really reminds me of 2012 (yeah I have no idea either) but I do still really love most of the things I've tried from them. So much so that I considered splitting this  post into two and including 10 things! For fear of boring you to death* I let that idea slide. *About that...

Bodycare-wise, their Sugar Crush shower gel smells so lovely! It's like crushed fruit and maple syrup and brown sugar and almonds whizzed into a creamy foam that cleanses like a dream. And the .5 litre bottle lasts, like, a century.

After showering, possibly my favourite body cream is their Smoothie Star Buttercream - and trust me, I have a lot of body creams. It's rich, smooth and leaves your limbs perfectly soft - if you've just shaved then your legs wil feel silk after use. It's the perfect pamper treat!

Let's not beat around the bush here; feet are gross. Super gross. I'll avoid talking about mine (or anyone else's for that matter) in most situations, but I'll bend that rule a little to mention the ultra-luxe Heel Genius foot balm. It simply moisturises very well, smoothing over icky bits and getting you summer-ready tootsies. That sentence makes me want to be sick, sorry.

Okay, onto a slightly more pleasant topic! I think we all love a bit of skincare round here, so it would be appropriate to introduce the winner of 'most repurchases by Ella' - the Peaches & Clean cream cleanser. It smells, well, like you'd expect - a.k.a lovely (although with a slight hint of yoghurt?) - and it's almost balmy in texture, leading to a relaxing, pamper-y cleanse. And all for £8? Um... yas pls.

Finally, a makeup piece, the Thick & Fast mascara. I'm actually *shock horror* getting a little bored of my trusty Benefit They're Real - it's a nightmare to remove, y'all - and this has been it's replacement most days. Paired with crappy lash curler of your choice, it provides beautifully natural, fluttery, wispy lashes. It's perfect for everyday, and doesn't smudge or flake or any of that bad stuff. It's not the best for drama eyes though!

So those are my Soap & Glory favourites - have you tried anything from the brand?

Ella xo

The Comfort Zone


If you catch me wearing a lip product, 99.973% of the time it will be a peachy/pinky nude... And probably one of these five. They're just the best. Sue me.

The least pigmented is probably the YSL Sheer Candy in Dewy Papaya (although the glosses come a close second). It's an incredibly pretty, almost glowy product, although categorically it's kinda nothing more than a tinted balm. Yet there is something special about whipping out a tube of luxe lip stuff from a brand like YSL! Okay, maybe it’ not quite worth the price on paper, but if you can resist the packaging I salute your self control. Blame the summer holidays.

My favourite glosses ever are the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors in Rose Shimmer and Apricot Shimmer. The names are actually quite misleading,as they don’t contain any shimmer whatsoever! The sheer, brightening pink and pretty peach (respectively) are so moisturising and comfortable. As I mentioned, the pigmentation is low, so only owning one would probably suffice.

Finally, my new babies! Nars' lip pencils became super famous and well-loved in 2014, so naturally their Christmas lip pencil set was top of my wishlist. Whilst I'm in awe of the gorgeous brighter shades, Torres Del Paine (a soft peach) and Descanso (a subtle rose) have been practically non-stop gracing my lips. They are both Satin lip pencils, meaning they are slightly shiny, very comfortable and full of pigment - aka perfect in my eyes! I depserately wish Descanso wasn't lim ed, I'd buy about 5 if I could!

What do you normally go for as your everyday lip product, if anything?

Ella xo

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