Share The Love #3


^^^ irrelevant photo alert...

Another list of blogs I love! These kinds of posts are some of my absolute favourites to read from others so I thought I'd add another instalment to my own mini series.

Maddy // Unstitchedd.
It's likely that you already follow Maddy (even Suzie does!), but I couldn't not mention her gorgeous blog. I've been reading it for well over a year and it's just such a lovely one. If you have a thing for perfect photos then it's a blog for you! I need to get my hands on the lens she uses ASAP!

Holly // Bloomin' Rouge
What do you get when you mix pro makeup artist training, awesome HTML skillz and wonderful way with a camera? Perfect blogger material, that's what. And guess what? That's Holly in a nutshell. She's also hilarious. And like 100% lovely. The full package, y'all. 

Tasha // Shiwashiful
I actually discovered Tasha's blog from a comment on this lil website, and boy am I glad I did! I adore her gorgeously glittery template, clean cut photos and ideal taste in skincare. Yes, that's totally a thing. But she's from Australia, so it's spring over there right now, and I kinda hate her for that. Whatever, her blog is gorgeous!

Jenn is just gorgeous. LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE. I'll follow any beauty advice she gives if it makes me look like that, seriously. Oh yeah, and she has that whole photography thang dowwwn. Plus she's friends with Vanessa, which equals blog reading material in my books!

How many of these do you already follow? Because it should be all of them ;-)

Ella xo

Berry & Bronze


Along with autumn weather comes autumn colours - the leaves all over my street are beautiful reds and golds. Obviously that means my eyeshadow has to match! I've been loving using shades from The Balm's Nude 'Tude palette, as they're fairly neutral and comfort-zone-y but with an extra kick. I like applying Sultry, a warm matte brown, in the crease, and then Seductive, a warm shimmery brown, all over my lids. I often take a little bit on Sultry on a pencil brush and smudge it along my lower lash line, too. This would be a really lovely bronzey combination alone, but I like to take advantage of the whole palette and use Sexy, a reddish burgundy/brown, in the 'outer v' thingy. It adds a bit of depth and is super seasonally appropriate!

The rest of the products in this look have been featured a billion times on here before so I won't bore you with the details - I used the Nars Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska, Topshop Glow Highlighter in Gleam, Topshop Kohl Liner in Sable, Benefit They're Real Mascara, Stila Convertible Colour in Rose and Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown. Phew! (please ignore the horrific overexposed photo though)

What do you think of this look? It's nice to move on from my usual champagne shadow & liner combination, dontcha think?

Ella xo

Why Gloss Works


 Lip gloss gets a bit of a bad rap from bloggers. Recently, with releases of non-sticky, balmier glosses, this has changed slightly, but most people still tend to prefer lipsticks, stains, lacquers or tinted balms. However, I'm here to make a case for the regular lipgloss - they're not just for pre-teens circa the Mean Girls era of 2004, you know! 

A wash of gloss can really brighten and bring life to a plain and simple makeup look. I like to go for barely-there baby pinks or peachy coral colours, as I find them the most flattering on my complexion. These kinds of shades are really youthful and fresh, but not immature... Please avoid obvious sparkle at all costs! A little shimmer does tend to go unnoticed, though. 

Another important thing to look out for is formula. You don't have to spend much to get something lovely, as even the cheapest brands do great ones these days, but do be careful! Personally I prefer a lipgloss that doesn't feel heavy, sticky or tacky on the lips. I like something that feels more like a balm whilst imparting the perfect amount of colour and shine. My favourites are the Rimmel Vinyl Glosses in Take A Chance and Fashion Icon (pictured, and the one I'm wearing above), the Clarins Lip Perfectors in Rose and Apricot, and the Clinique Superbalm Gloss in Mango. However, this type of formula doesn't wear too well, and will need regular reapplication, so if that bothers you, you might want to look into something heavier. 

Do you have any glosses you'd like to sing the praises of? Or do you shun the shiny stuff in favour of something more matte and pigmented?

Ella xo

The Nars Base


 I don't own a lot of Nars products, but everything I've tried has really impressed me. The one that popped my Nars cherry was their Pure Radiant Moisturiser in Alaska, the most gorgeously dewy base in the universe. This stuff does what it says on the tin - it's pure radiance in a bottle. It's really effective at evening out my skin, cancelling out mediocre redness and blurring pores.

It doesn't do much in the way of tackling my monstrous dark circles, though - that's where the Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard comes in. Some people find it too dry for under the eyes, but I've found that the trick is to just apply a tiny bit, literally just a dot the size of a freckle, and then blend (you can layer if you need to). This way you don't end up with a sticky mess of liquid under your eyes that just won't blend in! 

The shade Custard (despite being Medium 1 to Alaska's Light 2) is the TINIEST TOUCH paler than the tinted moisturiser, so it's ever so slightly brightening. If I use it on blemishes (which I do, on a ~far too regular~ basis) then I apply it before the tinted moisturiser so my base looks more even.I actually love these two - aside from primers and the occasional sweep of Stay Matte, they're pretty much the only base products I use on a regular basis. It's love! (And totally worth the combined £51 price tag...)

Ella xo

100 Posts & 10 Facts


Whoa, look at me, 100 posts and everything! I copied my homegurl Vanessa and thought I'd do a kinda '10 facts about me' sorta thing...

1. I hate certain foods, with a PASSION. (mayonnaise, for example, or gross flavoured crisps - don't even put barbecue ones near me)

2. I also get obsessively addicted to other foods - e.g. salty popcorn or fruit winders (roll-ups to you 'muricans)

3. On a scale of eyesight with 10 being crystal clear and 0 being horrific, I'm probably about a 4

4. I know literally nothing about taking photos (I put my camera on Auto most of the time haha) so the occasional photography compliment always baffles me - thanks anyway!

5. If I could, I would buy absolutely everything sold by Nars and by Aesop

6. I have nearly 50 lip products but rarely actually wear any of them, except the (expensive) sheer peach ones

7. I like to pretend I'm interested in fashion but really I have no clue what I'm talking about

8. I used to hate Nutella - I've now mercifully seen the light and pretty much eat it 24/7. Combined with marshmallow fluff and peanut butter it's a (trillion calorie) breakfast dream!

9. I don't take milk in my tea - trying to drink milk makes me physically gag (see #1) and I don't drink coffee at all. I don't get the point of Starbucks - who seriously spends £4 a day (almost £1k a year), five days a week on that stuff?

10. I'm really running out of ideas but basically I have this dream of a gh0stparties-style, minimalist clutter-y interior, but, with my advanced hoarding techniques, my room is currently more maximalist messy. I am probably the least tidy person you will ever meet - sorry neat freaks.

A very sub-par centenarian post for you there. Got any better facts you could share in the comments?

Ella xo

PS: Let's ignore the fact that it's been ten days, shall we? ;)

Update: Yes, this is my 100th post, even though it says it's like 54th - I've gone and privated a bunch of old embarrassing ones to save my sanity. Sorreh.

Autumnal Nails


When I think A/W nails (aside from your classic Christmas glitters), I think of a subdued, muted colour palette. It can vary from pastels to nudes to darks, but I avoid brights and neons! I don't want to make this most three miles long so I won't go through all eight of my seasonal polish picks in detail, but I've listed them all below along with a quick shade/formula summary.

Essie Wicked // An opaque, glossy, almost black reddish berry.
Essie Maximillian Strasse-Her // An opaque, kind of shiny, subdued grey-mint.
Essie Midnight Cami // An opaque deep navy blue with royal blue pearlescence (it actually works, surprisingly)
Nails Inc. The Thames // An opaque, semi-matte dark grey.
Nails Inc. Porchester Square // An opaque, kind of shiny taupe/mushroom nude. Honestly it looks a bit meh with my skin tone, but others love it!
Topshop Crystal Clouds // A metallic champagney gold/silver (the perfect accent nail!)
Topshop Arabesque // A sheer, shiny, pale milky-coffee nude.

Some serious self-restraint went into cutting down the number of Essies to just three! *pats self on back*

What are your favourite nail colours for Autumn/Fall? Or Spring in the Southern hemisphere? (not jealous of your weather down under, definitely not jealous at all)

Ella xo

A Trio Of Treats


An eight step pamper routine plus five hour bath and night-before prep? No thanks, ain't nobody got time fo that... I prefer a simple 3-step job that can be finished within one episode of Pretty Little Liars or AHS. I start with the Una Brennan Tea Flower mask, a greyish clay one that is deep cleansing but not stripping. I love the stuff - I would definitely fit in on Halloween if I just left the house with it smeared all over my face. Seriously, clay masks make everyone look terrifying!

I've mentioned the Emma Hardie cleansing balm in a few pamper posts before, but it really is the shizz. You can use it like a normal hot cloth cleanser or you can leave it on for 10-ish minutes for a super sumptuous hydrating mask. It also lasts ages - I use it almost every day and I've had this one tub since Christmas! It's perfection for combination, normal, sensitive or dry skins, but if you're oiler aid grab a sample first. It's heavenly!

Finally, another repeat mention is the Nuxe Rêve De Miel lip balm. It really is simply the best! I've even been carting around the fragile glass jar (yes, it's fragile, I've smashed one before) because no other lip balm does it justice. The weather in London is terrible; it's freeeezing, but last week-ish it was bare legs weather, so my lips have gone crazy dry! Oh, confusing England. Evvveryone needs this, the faultless matte luxury is divine in the cold.

What do you use on pamper nights? It's always great to take a little time out with a gigantic bag of maltesers and a box set.

Ella xo