The Best Ever Blush


Back in february Holly and I decided (well okay I initiated it) to do a beauty swap - now, with Sephora existing on the Canada side of the pond, we all know who didn't draw the short straw... (me). Instead of surprising each other we just got straight to the point and asked for what we wanted, so I opted for a couple of beautiful pieces from Tarte. One of the things I received will be mentioned later, but here's a mini review of the other...

I could hardly be given an opportunity to essentially raid Sephora (in the heart if not in the flesh) and not almost ask for 7491762 Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. I managed to restrain myself so I agreed to Holly's rather reasonable budget of £30ish/$55+ish (well, I did increase it a little) and just chose one - the infamous Exposed. As soon as Nars discontinued the beautiful Douceur, I decided I absolutely needed a rosy nude blush in my life (typical). Therefore, Exposed was my natural first choice from Tarte's selection, and I'm so glad I didn't waver. A high percentage of the blushes I own are peachy (read: all save for a couple in a palette) so it's nice to have something I can pair with more pinky/purple-y eyes or lips. In fact, it goes with every lip colour, including red. I've been wearing this daily! The effect is similar to a bronzer - warming, and it adds a je ne sais quoi-type glow - but much fresher and without risk of 'muddiness'. It's perfect for my current pale-ish skin. And it lasts all day. And the packaging is beautiful.

I'm only left with one question - why isn't Tarte easier to get hold of/cheaper in the UK??? When you convert from Canadian dollars to GBP, the blush is about £13, half it's QVC price. Damnit Britain!

Brush-Free Makeup.


 I'm back on YouTube! It's been about a month since my last video, but now I'm finally getting to grips with FCPX and trying to get some content out there. This video is a kind of everyday makeup tutorial, but with fingers as my only tools - I thought it would be useful for people who don't own makeup brushes, or those who *ahem* are't so great at washing them. Don't forget to bump it up to HD! Hope you enjoyyy

Four For A Fiver.


In an attempt to save a bit of money, I haven't spent a single penny on beauty products this year*. This means some serious stash shopping (woah, sibilant overload)! Considering that the majority of my "collection" - hahaha no - consists of cheap crap I bought 3 years ago, I've been forced to ~rediscover~ a couple more affordable products. I can't really take the words spilling onto the keyboard seriously right now, sozzles. <- Case in point. It's 4am. I apologise.

I use the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown practically every day. It's perfect if, like me, you have fairly strong brows that just need taming and a hint of tint. Sometimes I'll use a powder underneath, but, even alone this brow gel is a really great buy at £4.99.

I picked up this Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Pinched in TK Maxx one time (I'm a cool kid) for just £2.99. It's really sheer, but for me that's actually a good thing because I'm still slightly terrified of blush. I use my fingers or a Real Techniques duo fibre brush to blend and apply, and it gives the most pretty, soft finish. It's perfect for pairing with brighter lips in the same kind of colour family, as that looks put together but not woahverload.

I recently caved and bought the Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner after hearing and seeing countless raves by Suzie. She's the queen of liner, so it makes sense that this is a great one. It's been a while since I used a traditional liquid as opposed to a pen, but I'll get used to it - and the pure black colour is unrivalled!

Seventeen is really bringin' it at the moment, and lately I've been piling on their Mirror Shine lipstick in Beehive. The smushed appearance of the stick of sheer pinky goodness is a testament to my love for it - you haven't really used a lipstick until it looks like it's a battle survivor. This one is kind of akin to (SPOILER ALERT DO NOT PROCEED) Oberyn's face. Y'know, v.2.0.

What budget products have you been into as of late?

*That's now technically a lie, but it wasn't when I drafted this, I swear! Honestly, only one purchase has been made for myself**, and it was necessary skincare. Although, a sneaky overseas swap may be imminent...

**Okay, it's taken me longer than I thought to get this post up. I've bought A FEW things, including the Collection liner, but nothing expensive. Yet.

Blogs Worth Bookmarking.


I thought it was time to update my blog directory - this is just a list of pretty much all the blogs I'm following on Bloglovin' at the moment, so read on if you're looking for something new! Knowing me i rpobably missed a few out, so sorry if you're not on here... Also please leave some links to some of your favourites, or your own blog, in the comments!

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Blogging Etiquette.


Reply To Comments/Tweets You're not Beyoncé. You have the time to acknowledge people's support and respond to comments and tweets with a thoughtful message - even just a thank you and an emoji works! 

Get Disqus Seriously. It is the only comment system worth having. It makes logging in, leaving links and replying so much easier! You can even upvote comments and turn it into a discussion (hence the name, which is not pronounced like 'discus' as I though for months...)

Comment On Posts If you've enjoyed reading something someone's written, tell them! A comment takes two seconds and you can even add your blog link at the end. But please don't comment just for the sake of a little publicity! We can all see through ANYONE WANT TO BE YOUTUBE FRIENDS and it looks very tacky and desperate so just don't do that. 

Like Posts On Bloglovin' Another way of showing appreciation - not only does this let the blogger know which of their posts is more popular, if there's enough likes then this can also get something to Bloglovin's popular page, possibly gaining the blog a little extra traffic.

Be Polite I could rant for hours on this subject, but I'll keep it short and sweet. Don't be rude to people. It's mean and it will tarnish your reputation. Simples? Simples. 

 Have you got any more tips on how to adhere to the unwritten rules of blogging?

How I Do: Red Lips.


I'm no red lipstick expert. Actually, no - that's a lie. I wore a full-on pigmented matte red ALL DAY on the Friday before last, so yes. I am a professional expert on red lipstick, as of two Fridays ago.

Now that you know I'm an expert, you've probably got a shit ton of questions for me, right? Well, not to worry - here's a run down of all the dos and don'ts that come with sporting a snow-white-style lip...

Scrub + balm = done. If you're going for a matte finish, choose a less glossy lip balm like Nuxe Rêve De Miel and give it plenty of time to sink in. You want to avoid chapped bits!
Pick The Right Shade
I like this guide by Lily - it's useful for beginners as it's very simplistic in helping you determine what tones might suit you. You don't have to completely adhere to the rules, though! I like Nars Cruella for a slightly darker, blue toned red; Topshop Rio Rio for an orange toned one and Rimmel Kiss Of Life as my neutral. In the end, you'll only know whether you suit a colour once it's on your face.
Pick The Right Finish
Once you've worked out what tones suit you, it's time to think formula. Do you want something sheer and balmy? Or a more matte look? Perhaps a full on glossy stain? I prefer long lasting mattes in bold colours, but really whatever floats your boat works. You don't have to spend much! If you've found the perfect colour with the wrong finish, you can sheer out lip colours with this trick, mattify them following this tutorial or even do a gorgeous ombre thang like so.
Overline Your Lips
This looks good on Kylie Jenner. And possibly some other people. But rarely with reds - it's best to stick with nudes. At least this is true in my case!
Get It On Your Teeth
This may seem hard to avoid, but after you've applied your lipstick, stick your finger between your lips and then pull it out (à la Anna) to up your chances of clean teeth all day.
Feel Self Conscious
This is the number one thing you must remember - literally no one cares. No one cares what lipstick you're wearing. If it looks great (it does) then you may even receive a compliment or two - but no one (no one worth knowing) is going to actually judge you for wearing bright lipstick. You're wearing red lipstick, therefore you look like a badass, therefore you should act like one. It's your face. Do what you want. Life's too short.

Phew, so that turned into a bit of an inspirational essay there! Are you a regular bright lip wearer or a scaredy cat like me?

Bright Eyed.


I was recently lucky enough to be gifted a voucher to spend at Perfume Click -  when I saw the range of products they had, I couldn't refuse!

They are a site that sells a bunch of makeup, skincare and perfume at affordable prices... from well-loved brands like Clinique, Benefit and Clarins. Their Clarins range is especially good, with a huge amount of makeup, skincare and fragrance alike.

However, I needed a new mascara, so I decided to opt for Clinique Lash Power mascara*  I haven't heard much about it, but Kayla's review alone pretty much swayed me! THIS MASCARA IS INSANE. I've been using it daily as it's perfect for full, fluttery, feathered lashes. The brush is really skinny, meaning it's easy to apply to bottom lashes too if that's your jam. The result is curled, crazy long lashes, much better than the style I'm used to from Benefit They're Real. It's a welcome change, although it's a nightmare to remove! I think it might actually be a tubing mascara, meaning you use warm water to take it off, but I'll have to research that. You'll be able to see it in action in my January favourites tomorrow!

I also chose a cream eyeshadow in the form of Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadow* in Sippin n Dippin. The colour is absolutely beautiful - a duo chrome peachy rose/warm gold that seems quite similar to Mac Rubenesque. In fact, at under £7, I'm sure it would be a pretty decent dupe!  The formula is really unusual, actually more akin to a cream blush than any eyeshadow that I have used, but that means it's really lightweight. Luckily it has much better pigmentation and staying power than any cream blushes I've tried, too! I think it will look much better on me when I'm tanned, as that sould bring out the gold a bit more.

I was actually very impressed with the service I recieved.  I ordered these on Tuesday and within an hour or two got an email confirming that my products had been dispatched. The next day, they arrived at my doorstep! How often does that happen when you're promised 1-3 working days? Postage is £1.95, but for every additional item you order (after the first) you get £1 off, so if you're ordering 3 or more things the postage costs are covered. I promise I'm not just saying this - I'll honestly be ordering from Perfume Click again! Visit them here... le website

*I was gifted a voucher to pay for these items but, as always, all words are my own. I wasn't sponsored to write this post, I just wanted to show Perfume Click a little appreciation for their kindness and great service!